Asia Kate Dillon


I recently came across an actor named Asia Kate Dillon and wow.  Asia is an actor and identifies as “they” (as opposed to “he” or “she”), and is making history by portraying the first gender non-binary character on television. They portray a financial wunderkind named Taylor Mason and have apparently been stealing quite a few scenes (I’ll have to check them out for myself).

Asia is nominated for an Emmy! And before they nominated them to a specific category, the Emmys called Asia and say something along the lines of Yo, we respect you. We respect ditching that gender binary thing. Cool. But…do you we put you in the actress or actor category? 
Asia picked the actor category because “actor” is a non-gendered word.

Here are two great snippets from People’s article:

“Yet it’s Billions’ hyper-masculine perspective that makes Sunday’s season 2’s introduction of Taylor so mesmerizing.”

“…to have this male-dominated world of hedge funds and then introduce a gender non-binary character who was brilliant and ambitious but also someone who could take their own moral inventory was really interesting to us. And of course, we noticed the way gender has become something that we’re all discussing and learning knowing more about and grappling with. So it seemed really worth doing.”

And here’s some insight about how to show respect to gender non-binary people:

“…when Asia came in and read they were so locked in and perfect for it. And it was only after that we learned how they lived their life. When casting a role you can’t ask questions [about a person’s gender] in advance, that would violate all sorts of decency.”

Interesting. Cool stuff.

Find out more right here and read a dope interview with Asia over here.


Gender Non-Binary Billions Star Questions Emmy Awards’ Male and Female Division of Categories


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